Berlin with The Kath.

After a wonderful holiday party at the Town & Country, I awoke to a rumbling in my tummy and a breakfast date with The Kath. We ate downtown where I had amazing eggs benedict and a run-in with some incredible Quebcois design concepts. Ouch!

The Kath took me on an amazing tour of some beautifully rusticated industrial ruins around Berlin, NH. Combined with the river they form a wonderful English landscape garden with various parts of the factory standing in for proper garden follies. I shot neopan with my bessa and there is an intensity to the images that I like but make me reticent to share. In addition, I have been asking myself with these images, do I remove the dust and correct them or is the intensity and otherworldliness of the imperfect image really what I’m trying to say?

I Love Trees


I love trees.

As luck would have it, the college town I had long ago written off as being ugly and ill-landscaped is actually full of some incredible trees. Some of the trees have even been placed in beautiful locations.