Beware Of Ebay Autofill The Middle Class Will Attack


I thought that the ebay app on my iphone was pretty much a miracle. I could take a picture, use the autofill and then list the item. It doesn’t really work that way. One item have listed right now that ebay won’t let me end or change. If you read the listing, and that is the key part READING the listing, there is no doubt about the item you are bidding on. I got an email from the infamous Joe aka

The camera shown in the image is the Electro GL NOT the single lens reflex TL

- cyberwolff

I understand that middle class people need to be regulators and that Yashica-guy MUST tell me that my listing is wrong in order to maintain his status as the master of all things Yashica but wouldn’t it be smarter for him to actually read the listing?  Especially if the last line of the listing says

I miss labeled this item using Ebay’s autofill. It is not a Yashica TL electro but two Yashica Electro rangefinders.

I think the moral of the story is that if you make a mistake do the best you can to fix it but if you are going to call someone out on making a mistake, you better not make yourself look like a fool.

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