Polaroid Frequently Asked Questions

How To Buy Polaroid Cameras & Film

The first question I am asked whenever I use one of my Polaroid cameras is, “can you still get film for it?” The answer is yes, you can still get film for most Polaroid pack film cameras and integral film cameras. It won’t be cheap but you can! It gets a little confusing when I have to explain how and where I get my film but that is where the fun begins. Polaroid stopped making its own film but if you are crafty and know where to look, you can find film for most Polaroid cameras. As of the writing of this document film is available for Polaroid Mio, 300, SX/70, 600 and Type 100 pack film. Sadly, you can’t use the new Polaroid 300 film in a 600 or SX/70 camera.

Polaroid Mio/300 Film

I have  never used a Polaroid Mio or 300 but they look like they could be a lot of fun. Both the Mio and 300 are basically the same camera. Both having been   produced in Japan by Fuji. Because, they were produced by Fuji in the Japan the 300/Mio cameras are very different than the camera Polaroids. Polaroid Mio/300 film will NOT work in a 600 camera.

Buy Polaroid 300 Mio Film

You can use Fuji Instax film in your camera.
You can buy it directly from Polaroid.
You can get a good deal by ebaying for instax mini.

Polaroid 600 Cameras

600 camereas were some of the most popular analog cameras ever produced with millions of them leaving Polaroid factories. Polaroid marketed 600 cameras as an amateur camera that allowed the average consumer to take instant pics quickly and easily. One of the most popular of all film cameras the Polaroid one600 offered ease of use in an attractive cameras.The one600 ultra that I own was one of the last 600 cameras manufactured. Polaroid no longer produces 600 film but a replacement px600 is available from The Impossible Project.

Buy Polaroid 600 Film

You can still buy film for a Polaroid 600 but it won’t be cheap or new.
Polaroid 300 film will NOT work in a Polaroid 600 camera.

Polaroid produced an astounding range of 600 integral film that included 600,  600 plus, 600 High Definition, 600 Platinum, 600 Black + White, 600 Write On and lastly 779.

Unique photo has some of the last boxes of Polaroid 600 film.
The Impossible Project sells a Polaroid 600 compatible film called px600.
Ebay has tons of polaroid 600 film for sale but not for cheap.

Polaroid SX/70 Time Zero

Buy Time Zero SX/70 Film

It is no longer produced by Polaroid but you can buy time zero dead stock on ebay.

The Impossible Project has introduced an alternative SX/70 film called PX100 FF.

Film For Cameras that Take Type 100 Peel Apart Film

If buying film wasn’t enough, Polaroid produced a type of camera that used a type of film called Type 100 but then labeled the film using a number system that started in the 600s. This is not the same as 600 integral film. Confused?

Polaroid Peel Apart Film

Polaroid Blue
Polaroid blue is a type 100 style peel apart film that is heavily blue. It looks a little bit like a cyanotype.
Polaroid Chocolate
Polaroid chocolate film is a sepia like film that has warm and rich chocolately tones.

Fuji Instant Pack Film

Fuji currently produces both integral film and peel apart film. Fuji’s peel apart films are compatible with cameras that take type 100 peel apart film.

Fuji manufactures a 100 speed peel apart film called FP-100C. It is largely compatible with cameras that take type 100 Polaroid pack films.

Fuji Black & White Instant Peel Apart Pack Film

Fuji produces two types of instant peel apart black & white films.


100 speed black and white peel apart film .


High speed, high contrast film with ISO rating of 3000 .