The Ultimate Film & Analog Photography FAQ

How This Blog Happens

Unless otherwise noted, all of the images on this blog are made using analog photographic methods. I primarily work with C41 process color negative films but from time to time I will also use E-6 transparency films and traditional b/w films.

How The Magic Happens

1. Go somewhere and make the magic happen!
2. Take film to lab or send it away.
3. Wait.
4. Scan!
5. Fiddle in photoshop a little.
6. Post to web!
7. Repeat

The Emulsions That Make It All Happen

Information about some of the photographic films I use for this blog.

Films by Kodak

Kodak Ektar

Ektar is one of those films that makes you have to alter your breathing to view the results without passing out. I’ve rarely been unhappy with ektar.  The grain and sharpness are unbelievable and the colors pop. It reminds in some ways of the old Agfa Ultra 50.

Kodak Pro Image 100

I bought this film on ebay because it was a good deal. It is ok but I don’t love it.

Kodak Gold 200

They sell it at Walmart very cheaply and I buy it and then regret it. Don’t let the same thing happen to you, just don’t buy it.

Kodak Portra 400VC

I received a bunch of Portra as a christmas present. fun!

Ferrania Solaris

Ferrania is bad it is good. I have heard various reports that Ferrania is no longer in production but their demise has yet to be proven.

Slide Film

Konica Centuria Chrome

I recently acquired and shot a few rolls of Konica slide film and I’m excited to see what happens with it. I’m waiting for it to come back from Kansas aka Dwayne’s.

Rollei 200CR

I bought a bunch of this film after I heard that it is really an old AGFA emulsion on a new super archival base. I have always been a fan of AGFA products and their closure has left me saddened. Rollei 200CR really has unique palette that is all its own and relatively noticeable grain.

Black and White Film

I call it the ansel adams shake n’ bake. I develop using Kodak HC 1100 in a small daylight tank.

Fomapan 400

Fomapan 400 is a unique black and white film that is notable for its old school look and fun results.

Ilford HP5+

I’ve always loved Ilford films and HP5+ is no exception. I like how it can look really wonderfully like the 60s.

Ilford Delta 100

Delta 100 is sharp and I like that for the right situation it is perfect. I tend not to use it because I like the way other “older” emulsions look and act.

Other films

Agfa Vista

I have some Agfa Vista 400 and it is ok, not my favorite film. It is fun in my Lomo but I wouldn’t put it in Bessa. I hear the slower speeds of Vista are really excellent. I might buy some more from ebay if I can get a good deal.

Where To Get Your Film Processed

Believe it or not, it is still pretty easy to get your film developed locally.

Mail Order Labs

I’ve used everything from pro labs to super consumer labs.

York+Clark Photo Labs

Don’t let the different names fool you, York, Clark and Snapfish are owned by the same company. They will process your roll of film dirt cheap and send you ok, prints and scans to you. Depending on what you want, not a bad idea. You can sometimes get Clark prepaid mailers on ebay very cheaply.

Your Local Drugstore Mini Lab

Your local drugstore can probably still process your film. The results will vary by the drugstore, processing equipment and the operator’s happyness level. The good thing about using a local mini lab is that you can probably decent results cheaply and quickly. My local CVS will run a roll through the machine for around $2 and they can do a roll in about 15 minutes.

Fancy Pro Labs

I wish I could afford to use a pro lab because the quality is really splendid.

Where To Get Your Slide Film Processed

Fuji Mailers

Fuji Prepaid mailers are a great way to get your slide film processed relatively cheaply. All you need to do is put the film in the mailer with the necessary postage. The mailers go to Dwayne’s in Kansas and the results have been good. Fuji mailers however won’t work for Kodachrome or polyester based films like Rollei’s slide films.

A&I Mailers

A&I is a pro lab based in Los Angles. Their work is top notch and expensive. You can order their slide mailers from ebay or other pro lab.