How To Cross Process Your Film


AGFA slide film cross processed.

The Ultimate Guide To Cross Processing Your Film

What You Will Need To Cross Process Film

A camera that takes film! (Buy film camera on ebay.) I’m a big fan of the Lomo LCA and now there is a Wide Angle Lomo LCA>
Slide film (Buy slide film on ebay.)
Negative Film (Buy on ebay.)

Xpro Your Film At A Lab That Will Just Do It!

Find a lab that will cross process your film without any questions. That can be done by making friends with your minilab worker or sending it to a lab like Photoworks SF that will cross process it without questions. Photoworks SF will xpro your film at no charge and they do great work.

Labs That Will Cross Process

Photoworks SF


Spool Your Slide Film Into A Negative Film Canister To Cross Process XPRO

This is my favorite method so far to cross process E6 as C41. I take a roll of slide film and spool it into a roll of C-41 that has had the original film taken out of it. I shoot it in my camera as usual.  I have processed this type of film at  Drug Store minilabs as well as at mail in photo labs. Because it is in a Process C-41 film canister most places won’t have any issues processing it.

Put A Sticker On Your Film Canister

I have yet to try this cross processing method but I’ve heard good things about it. You make your own stickers that say “Amazing Color Film 100 process c-41,” and stick them over the label on your roll of slide film. Then you present it to the processor and they will run it through the C-41 machine. You challenge will be to make the film canister look authentic and to not ruin a possibly good minilab relationship if you are found out.

Cross Processing Exposure Tips

I have had good results exposing slide film to be processed at both the speed on the box and underexposing one stop. I’d recommend trying different exposure levels and see what you like the best. Make sure that if you spool your slide film into a DX coded canister that your canister is correctly DX coded to match the results you want.

Find Popular Slide Films To XPRO

Agfa CT Precisa : The gold standard of Xpro slide film. AGFA’s slide films tend to make amazing colors and crazy contrast when cross processed.

Fuji Astia

Fuji Provia

Fuji Sensia

Fuji Velvia : Produces negatives that are contrasty with a nice pink tint.

Kodak Elitechrome

Kodak Ektachrome

Kodak Tungsten

Fuji Tungsten : Will create beautiful watery blues and cold tones.

Cross Processing Links

Wikipedia gets their XPRO on.
Buy inexpensive slide film to cross process on ebay.
Look at Cross Processed images on flickr.

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