Kodak Ektar 100


Kodak Ektar 100 Is A Titan Among Films

Kodak Ektar Review

Kodak Ektar is one of the best films ever produced and it is a shame that most people will never end up using it. Introduced in 2006, Kodak Ektar boasts “The world’s finest grain,” and I would agree with that statement.

Cannon MOuntain with snow

Kodak Ektar 100 is always known for its contrasty and bright colors. I’ve taken some amazing pictures with Ektar on or around the beach. I believe that Kodak developed Ektar as a replacement for E6 transparency films and to simplify its product line.

For me what makes Ektar so special is that you can look at the negative and know that you are looking at Ektar. Even with the naked eye you can see the detail.


How To Shoot Ektar

The best advice I have seen about shooting Ektar is to treat it more like a slide film than a negative film. Ektar doesn’t look good when you over expose it so when metering I suggest metering for the highlights and then over exposing two stops.

Pros & Cons of Ektar

    Kodak Ektar Pros

  • Ektar is relatively inexpensive.
  • Ektar has crazy good colors and lives up to its hype about grain.
  • Ektar is pretty easy to expose with good results if you are careful.

    Kodak Ektar Cons

  • Ektar is hard to find outside of pro shops.
  • Ektar can be difficult to shoot if you over expose it.

Where To Buy Kodak Ektar

From Kodak
Look on ebay for kodak ektar.

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