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The Lomo LC-A and Lomography


My original Lomo lust began in high school when I found a website devoted to the little Russian camera. I remember thinking how weird it was to want to own a camera that was famous for quirks over quality  but I found the images it produced compelling regardless of their technical acumen.  In high school I couldn’t afford $300 for a camera and I never ended up buying one. After seeing some amazing Lomo images from a trip through Mongolia I found a Lomo on ebay for a decent price. It was instant love.  The current analog film revival was in part created by Lomography International to help sell the LCA.

How To Use The Lomo LC-A Camera

Zone Focus The LCA

Focusing othe Lomo LCA is achieved by looking through the viewfinder and selecting a focal distance using images that represent distance. For the most part I leave the camera on infinity but it is possible to take sharp close up images using the scale focusing system. It is also possible to use a hyperfocal focusing method with the camera but I haven’t tried it.


I have only used my Lomo in auto exposure mode but the camera does offer the ability to choose the aperture. When looking through the viewfinder one light illuminating means that their is amble light and two means that there is a danger of camera shake.

Presidential Wing


A Note About Lomogoraphy

Lomography International has inspired a lot of people to try traditional analog cameras and that makes me happy but I do not always agree with the message of Lomography International. I often feel that Lomography has taken a great little pocket camera with a few quirks and turned it into a camera that is used for bad snapshots.

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Find a Lomo LCA on ebay.
Buy one from lomography.

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