Mystery Lens on Ebay Makes Me Salivate


Is It The Kobalux We All Crave And Want

I currently have intense lens lust(tm) for an extremely rare piece of optic amazingocity the Avenon 21mm. Yes, I know, you want one too. The Avenon 21mm was also sold under a few different brand names including Kobalux.  The story of the Avenon-Kobalux lenses is one of the most absolute epicness ever told. The story goes is that they were made by hand, one lens at a time by a single man working in a workshop behind his house. The Hattori Hanzo of the optics world. Most of the Avenon/Kobalux lenses produced were Leica screw mount and came in 21mm and 28mm. The 21mm version is supposed to be amazing and even better than my own infamous Heliar 15mm. This listing makes it sound like it could be one of the infamous Avenon/Kobalux lenses. I really crave the 21 but would settle for the 28, if necessary. Those beautiful Avenon/Kobalux wonders run $700 plus so if I could get a deal, I’d be very happy.

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