Sensual Curves



There is something about the Tour Olympique in Montreal that makes me like it much more than the other modern spaces in Montreal. I can remember hating visits to Montreal because I disliked the way most of the spaces I had experienced were made out of rough and ugly concrete. This feeling or dislike was reinforced by accidentally smashing my head against a wall in the Bonavanture Hilton. Olympic Park is a whole other type of concrete. Rather than being rough or cold it is smooth and organic. Olympic Stadium type of building you want to run your finger across with sexy curves and sharp angles in just the right places. The city hasn’t really kept up the space and parts of the park feel dilapidated and forgotten. The Pie-IX metro station that serves the area feels like a ruin from a future that arrived but was not well liked. The Velodrome has become the Biodome which is worth visiting just to gaze up at the beautiful roof.

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