My First Impossible Project PX70 FF Color Shade Shots


My First PX 70 Party!


The setup!

Polaroid SX/70 on a tripod with Polaroid Pack Film box to shield the PX 70 from light.

Impossible PX70 FF Color Shade is The Impossible Project’s new Polaroid 600 replacement.




The PX 70 Experience.

I like to think of The Impossible Project’s films as harkening back to the early days of photography. Rather than being replacements for Polaroid’s instant films they are really a new way to experience early photographic methods. PZ100 was a sort of daguerreotype and PX70 reminds me of very early color photography or in some ways a cyanotype.

Tips For Shooting PX 70

If you are shooting in low light set your SX/70 exposure wheel to darken so that you get images that are much more usable.

Pick an area with bright colors because PX 70’s pallet is very limited. In the originals you can barely see the green.

Wait a day or two for PX 70 to “mature” and the quality of the image will be much better than when you first too the picture.

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