My SX/70 Sonar


The Polaroid SX/70 Sonar

. The high of Polaroid engineering is represented in the Polaroid SX/70 Land Camera. Unlike earlier rangefinder focused Land Cameras and the later focus free models, the SX/70 is a single lens reflex camera. It used a system of lenses and mirrors to allow you to see exactly what you were about to photograph. This has made the SX/70 very popular with artists and professional photographers. I get a kick out of the fact that it even works at all.

That is an advertisement for one of the sexiest cameras ever produced, the Polaroid SX/70. It shows how the SX/70 functions as an SLR. What makes the Sonar models special is that they use an inexpensive Sonar device as autofocus. I heard a rumor that Polaroid made the Sonar parts available as a kit so that home hobbyists could easily add the SX/70’s Sonar capabilities to their own projects. The Sonar models were mostly available in black with the regular SX/70 models came in a beautiful brown leather.

I think the SX/70 is sexy because when folded it up it is a really cool, skinny shape.


Why Buy The SX/70?

The SX/70 is a very technologically advanced camera that produces beautiful results. You can use old Time/Zero film in it or you can buy a new emulsion from The Impossible Project. It will produce an original photograph that is very high quality with very special qualities.

Where To Buy Your Own Polaroid SX/70

Junkshops: Junkshops and flea markets are filled to the brim with Polaroid Cameras waiting for you to love them. After looking through many junk shops for an SX/70 I believe all of them have been sold to art students.
Ebay: Where I buy most of my film and my sx/70.
The Impossible Shop: They are expensive but you can find an functional SX/70.

Where To Buy Film For Your Polaroid SX/70

There is still an amble but expensive supply of Time Zero film on Ebay.

The Impossible Project currently sells a Polaroid Time-Zero compatible film called PX100. You can find it at their physical store in NYC or online. You can also buy deadstock Polaroid films like TZ Artistic and Polaroid Fade to Black.

Film For SX/70 Time Zero

The Impossible  Project Integral Film

PX100 Silver Shade FF

PX100 is a 100 speed integral film available for cameras that take SX/70 Time Zero film. I’ve tested it and I’ve mixed results. It is fun but rather unique. My posts using PX100.

This Grand And Magnificent Emulsion
My Last PX100 Shot

Polaroid SX/70 Time Zero

There are still some original time/zero film available to purchase although all of it is now expired.
TZ Artistic Fade To Black
Fade to black is an interesting film. As soon as the film starts to develop it also begins to darken and eventually the image disappears.

PX 70 First Flush Color Shade

This is impossible new integral film for the SX/70. I have yet to try it but the samples look interesting.

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