My First Iphone 4 Pics


Raindrops On Roses My Iphone 4 Images

This is probably the only post you will see on this blog featuring digital images. The thing is, I just don’t like them because they fell cold and clinical. However, I am intrigued by camera phones and the way that their dynamic range is similar to analog photographic methods like Polaroids. I’ve enjoyed using Hipstamatic on my Iphone 3G because it takes the limitations of my iPhone’s camera and makes them seem quant.

My First iPhone 4 Photos

I got home and under the cover of storm clouds decided to document what is left of my once beautiful garden.
All I did was snap the picture and resize it to make it small. The iphone 4 was inches away from the rose and focused quickly.
Digital cameras LOVE the color red and the iPhone 4’s sensor is pretty much the same. The depth of field is pretty ok for being so close to the lilly.


This is some sort of fire bush I bought at Lowe’s onsale. The red is nice and so is the green.

Digital cameras are notorious for having extremely bad dynamic range. Most of the iPhone 4 images I had seen online were very good for being a camera phone but still had blown out highlights. In the whites of this blooming hosta, you can still see the rain drops on the petals which is amazing for a digital camera.

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