Saying Goodbye To Ferrania


Celebrating The History of Ferrania Film

If you have ever bought a cheap throw away camera or supermarket branded film you were probably using an emulsion made in Italy by Ferrania. Ferrania has a long history of producing film and was a market leader in supplying private label photo finishing products. Their film was never as good as Kodak or Fuji but had character. I discovered Ferrania because it was cheap on ebay. The first role through my Voigtlander Bessa R3M was a role of Ferannia Solaris. I grew to love the film when I bought a bunch of Click branded Ferrania film as part of a supermarket liquidation sale.

This is At Death’s Door. Probably my best Ferrania Solaris image.


How To Tell If You Are Buying Ferrania Film

Ferrania Solaris was sold under many names in the past and the easiest way to tell if the film is made by Ferrania is that it will say “Made in Italy,” on the package. There is only film manufacturer based out of Italy and that is Ferrania.

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