The Fort



I’ve slowly been working off years of trauma caused by receiving only one TV station as a child. It was channel 8 and broadcast off the top of Mt. Washington. They claimed they covered NH/VT/ME but it was really only just Maine. Maine is a pretty cool place, if you live there and can afford to live in a nice part. If you don’t, all the Mainia just makes you want to vomit a little. Ok, a lot. With a lot of psychotherapy, I’ve been able to overcome all of that.

On this excursion I was showing Mr. Freeman the beauty of the New Hampshire coast line and a little bit of Maine. I would normally only end up in Maine if I made a wrong turn at the Portsmouth traffic circle. Luckily for me and many other people the first exit in Maine is for reversing direction. On this occasion we chose not to reverse direction but to continue into the land of lobster, Olympia Snow and low income CSAs.

Fort McClary was built to guard the port from some enemy during some series of wars. It isn’t open this time of year but we parked and explored anyway because our bellies were full of Newick’s fried seafood goodness.


You could fire a canon from here but it would kill you. Yup. If you fired a cannon, the ball would bounce off some pretty hardcore rock and come right back at you. Death.

Oh and it is Polaroid Week so rock on!

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