May All Your Troubles Fade Away


When I was trying to figure out what to do with my Fade To Black film, I had the idea of using it to cast spells. fadetoblackmoney

I have anxiety around money, especially spending it. My anxiety stems not from spending too much money but from having the money leave my custody. I decided that I’d take a picture of money and demand that as the image fades my anxiety about money will also fade.


I spend a lot of time stretching, exercising and endeavors to ensure that my body remains healthy and visually appealing. In high school I took a medication called Accutane which has allegedly been linked to a lot of medical conditions. I’ve had issues with my eyes, liver and intestines that may be related to my use of accutane as a teenager. In some ways I feel that I have destroyed my body for vanity. I took a picture of my leg and decided that as the image of my leg faded away, so would my body issues.

It was rather awkward to stand at the angle required to photograph my leg and as my SX/70 ejected the image, it became damaged because of touching my leg. This means that the image in fact did not fade.

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