This is Thel in Hanover



This is Thel in Hanover. Thel was designed by Beverly Pepper and is not remnants of a plane crash.

See it here on wikimapia.

Thel is a pretty amazing collection of geometric shapes that protrude from the ground in Hanover, NH on the Dartmouth College campus. For many Thel is considered an eyesore but I have always loved it.  My love for Thel began as a child when I thought it was great to climb on. Now that I’ve done some research into it, I find it more fascinating than just a jungle gym.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Thel Experience

Take a long a digital camera that has the ability to divide the screen into thirds. Stand around Thel and line up the angles with the third markers in your camera and take a picture. Do that from all the different angles you can. Now look at your pictures and look at the buildings behind them. They should look different and sort of weird. That is the beauty of Thel.



Further Reading

Wikipedia page for Beverly Pepper.

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