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My First Iphone 4 Pics 0

Raindrops On Roses My Iphone 4 Images
This is probably the only post you will see on this blog featuring digital images. The thing is, I just don’t like them because they fell cold and clinical. However, I am intrigued by camera phones and the way that their dynamic range is similar to analog photographic methods like Polaroids. I’ve [...]

My Olympus DC Rangefinder 0

Fun With Olympus Rangefinders

Taken with my Olympus DC rangefinder.
About The Olympus 35 DC Rangefinder
The DC comes from a long line of high quality 35mm rangefinders made by Olympus. More popular models included the SP, and RD. The DC is a special rare rangefinder that was essentially a point and shoot version of an Olympus RD. [...]